Moving Blankets – Which Should I Buy?

By | December 3, 2019

Moving and especially moving all of your furniture requires a great deal of planning. One of the most important things on your check list should be how to protect your furniture. Moving blankets and that’s what this website will focus on in great length are essential to protect certain types of furniture.

You may have many items that can easily be stored in boxes, the type of boxes you can purchase at U-Hual or Home Depot. What about your larger items such as your precious dinning room table or even your lovely dresser. Sure you can call a moving company and they could send over a couple of movers and your problems are solved.

Many of us however can’t afford to hire a moving company. So we do all the packing and unpacking ourselves. Moving blankets will greatly assist you in moving your furniture and valuables. Moving blankets will also help insure that your cabinets, chairs and sofa don’t get damaged along the way.

Furniture becoming  damaged is a possibility, if not greatly damaged then maybe tears and even scratches. A moving blanket will offer great protection, especially one that is quilted and nicely padded. A quilted moving blanket essentially covers your furniture on all sides. Some times if the furniture is large two or more moving blankets might be necessary.

Moving blankets are available in various sizes with various fabrics. They serve several purposes but the main difference is basically the thickness. A certain type of moving blanket might for example be ideal for lighter furniture such as chairs. While a bedroom dresser might require moving blankets that are thicker or perhaps the could be doubled up.

Whatever thickness you decide on the padding should be sufficient enough to protect against impact and bumping. Keep in mind this sort of padding and protection does not do much when something falls. Moving blankets are meant to be used as a covering and shield while your home belongings are in transport.

Moving BlanketsThey are meant to prevent furniture from being scratched in the moving truck or when they are moved in and out the house. A lot of times furniture is scratched when they moved through tight spaces such as narrow staircases or hallways.  Moving blankets will give you a level of assurance if something were to bump against the wall. They  certainly are not a miracle product and sensibility is necessary when using such quilted padded blankets.

When it comes time to purchasing moving blankets there are several decisions that you will have to make. The first decision will be how many do you need. Maybe you only need to cover a single delicate piece of furniture and if so then a single cabinetmaker moving blanket would be a good choice.

If you have many pieces of furniture then perhaps you should buy moving blankets by the dozen, this will mean that the price will be cheaper. Some moving blankets are ideal for picture frames and very light home items and in this case buying a more heavier or more expensive moving blanket is not necessary. Another thing to consider is the type of fabric you need, maybe a quilted moving blanket that is 100% cotton.

Other fabrics include mixed blends that include cotton and polyester. The main point is that specific furniture requires specific moving blankets. That is the most logical way to go about it and moving blankets guide will try to assist you on the various moving blankets that are available in the market.  You can read about generic moving blankets and you can also read about premium moving blankets that are made in the USA. Decide what is best for your situation and then so more research on which moving blankets are right for you.

Which Moving Blanket Should I Buy?

Choosing the right moving blanket is very important to ensuring that your furniture or items are properly protected. The rule of thumb is to use the thickest moving blanket for your heaviest furniture. The opposite is also the true, so if you have light weight furniture then the extra padding won’t be necessary.

Also keep in mind that a moving blanket is not necessarily meant for moving. Some people buy a moving blanket to soundproof a room. These moving blankets are often referred to as ‘producer’s choice’ and this is in reference to music producers who like to soundproof rooms for surround sound and acoustic purposes. Certainly you can use them in your own way such as a soundproof blanket for a particular room in th house. Such a room could be where musical instruments are played or a room that is generally loud such as a teenager’s room that plays excruciatingly loud music.

A moving blanket that is meant to soundproof is designed a little differently that other types of moving blankets. First they are made of cotton with polyester binding and secondly they are the thickest moving blankets. The cotton fabric and thickness insures sound does not penetrate the walls.

Moving BlanketsYou might want a moving blanket to cover your storage. We all know that storage in either the attic, basement or garage is susceptible to damage and dust. You can help keep your storage in a well maintained state by using a moving blanket that is ideal for this situation. What’s great about these moving blankets is that they are mildew resistant and not heavy. So you can cover your storage and if you need to move you can use them to cover and protect lighter fixtures and furniture.

Of course you’re probably here because you want to know about moving blankets that you need for your big move. Well there are many options to choose from, some are light and others are thick. The things you want to cover will decide what type of moving blanket you will need. Below is a general guide line on the types of moving blankets that are available.

Felt moving blanket: If you want something lightweight to cover and protect your furniture then this is a good choice. They are especially good when space is a concern as these blankets are not thick.

Cotton moving blanket: These are usually the thickest of the lot and offer better padding. You can also use a cotton moving blanket in strategic places such as the corners of larger dressers.

Premium cotton/polyester moving blanket: Such a moving blanket is similar to a cotton moving blanket but also has polyester. Unlike cotton moving blankets they are mildew resistant. They also tend to to last longer.

Soft moving blanket: These moving blankets provide the most cushion and are ideal for protecting furniture from bumps and scratches. These like the cotton ones are also not quilted.

The country in which a moving blanket is made plays a big role in terms of quality. And when it comes to quality moving blankets the premium colored ones that are made in the USA are the best. Certainly they will cost more money but they are of the highest standard. The are actually the type that professional movers use. This is because they protect very well and also last a lot longer than other brands are manufactured in other countries.

As you can see a moving blanket can be used in so many ways. You can soundproof a room, cover your storage with them and you can certainly use them to cover and protect your furniture when you move. Use the information here as a guideline and carefully research each brand that is out there. One good word of advice is to use a moving blanket correctly and if that means getting a premium moving blanket for an expensive piece of furniture then consider that.

How To Use Moving Blankets Creatively

Okay so you purchased your moving blankets for your big move. Now you don’t know what to do with them. Well use your creativity and find ways to utilize them around the house. Here are a few ways in which I use my moving blankets.

The first way I actually use them to move furniture from room to room. I do this by placing the moving blanket under whatever I want to move. The reason I do this is to protect my beautiful hardwood floor from scratches. I mean who would want a horrible looking scratch across their floor? So if there’s a heavy object that you want to move from room to room then do what I do and place a moving blankets underneath it and simply slide it from to where ever you want.

Moving BlanketsI’m also using one of my moving blankets for bedding my pet. Well whatever is left of the moving blanket. He seems to love it and it’s much more durable than ordinary blankets so he can chew away as he likes. They are easy to clean so I have no problem washing them every once in a while.

I also use moving blankets as sitting pads for my kids to play on. They are great when you put them place them on the porch or even on on the basement floor. They not only provide more comfort but moving blankets can provide better insulation from the cold flooring during the winter.

Using them to cover your sofa is another practical way to using moving blankets. We all know that children can be quite messy, so let them have their fun while keeping your sofa nice and clean. Whatever you do with them, you should just know that moving blankets are great for moving but they’re pretty darn good in many other ways.