Guide to Microwave and Convection Oven

By | October 4, 2018

Microwave ovens and convection ovens both have their own uses. While convection ovens are highly successful in baking food items, microwave ovens ensure uniform heating and uniform cooking as nothing else can. Therefore, in a kitchen, both ovens have their own importance. However, which one to choose between them can be a difficult decision. If you were to buy a microwave oven, then you would not be able to bake and brown your food properly, and if you were to buy a convection oven, then what would you use to cook and heat stuff?

In addition, it is not feasible to get both these ovens. They will not only cost a lot more, they would also draw a lot of electricity together, making them a difficult duo to buy, keep and maintain. In addition to this, two bodies of ovens are also going to occupy a lot of space in the kitchen. In addition, with modern homes that are getting increasingly small, one would rather do without either of the ovens than allot space for the two ovens.

Companies and manufacturers identified this problem some years back. They were aware that if they were able to invent a product that could solve this problem, then it would sell like hot cakes. This led to the development of microwave and convection ovens, which are also simply called microwave convection ovens. A microwave and convection oven, as you must have guessed by now, combines the benefits of both microwave ovens and convection ovens to give you the best of both worlds.

There are a number of important uses of such ovens. To begin with, they make the cooking fast. While the microwaves of the oven heat up the food and cook it, the convection mechanism at the same time bakes it. The resultant food item seems and tastes like a dish that has been professionally prepared. In the process of cooking, these ovens retain the nutritious value of the food. This feature ensures that whenever you would be eating food cooked in the oven, you would be consuming as much nutrition as you would have been eating in case you were eating naturally cooked food prepared by a nutritionist. Since there are also different power settings in microwave and convection ovens, they waste minimal power and are therefore not very expensive to operate.Convection Oven for You

The only disadvantage of these microwave convection ovens is that they can be a bit difficult to operate initially. However, if you read the user manual thoroughly, then you would learn all the functions in no time. Many companies have a good range of these ovens. Therefore, you would not find it difficult to get an oven exactly according to your requirements and budget. However, while making your purchase, ensure that the oven comes with a good warranty. Also, if possible, order your microwave and convection oven on the Internet. This would be more beneficial to you, since, courtesy tough competition; there are often better discounts to be found online.

Microwave Convection Ovens Special Features

Most people understand the features of the best convection oven but don’t understand the benefits of a microwave convection oven.

Baking [Convection] Feature

While the microwave convection oven is baking a separate heating element raises the temperature inside of the oven from 225 to 450 °F. a fan will then circulate this hot air throughout the oven providing a browning of the food on the exterior while still providing a moist interior.

Fast Baking Feature

This feature allows you to take advantage of the speed of a microwave while at the same time getting the advantages of a convection oven. This is usually facilitated by the sensors that come with these type of microwaves.

Microwave Convection Ovens Advantages

In addition to the microwave features of cooking food quickly the microwave convection oven can also crisp, brown and roast food. This can in some circumstances be used with the microwave features to get the best of both worlds.

In addition you also get:

  • Heating and cooling switches which heat and cool the food perfectly.
  • Cooking this way requires a minimum quantity of oil which is good for health.
  • A 20% decrease in cooking time and the oven operates at much lower temperature.

Things To Watch Out For In Microwave Convection Ovens

  • Avoid foil or metal cookware that can cause arcing inside the oven.
  • Because of the advanced cooking features be careful to watch for over cooking.
  • Clean the oven after used to avoid it getting stuck to the oven walls.