And Now for The Ugly Truth…

By | March 5, 2018

Okay…time to fess up I guess. I’ve been avoiding this update but it has to be done. I had such good intentions going into this last weekend and I really thought that fact and sheer willpower would sail me through to Monday. Eh….not so much.

I set my loudest alarm for the usual time of my early morning workouts-4:15am. While my alarm is in perfect working order, apparently I was not that morning but made sure the snooze bar worked correctly.

Trust me, it did.

After I finally rolled out of my rollaway bed I started off to tackle the million errands I had to run, which should have been a good thing except that I forgot to eat breakfast. I honestly meant to, but between the kids and the rushing around and all the morning chaos I just blanked it right out.

I definitely know better than to skip breakfast, but since I had forgotten, I just thought it would mean a few more calories added to my daily budget later in the day. Did I mention that when I jumped on the scale that morning there was no change? AT ALL?? I was so extremely frustrated. I’d been working my tail off, still none of my tail was coming off! Fast forward a few hours……

So we get to the birthday party and as promised, the dreaded taco bar fiesta. I don’t know if it was the fact that I was really hungry by that time, or the fact that I was really struggling not to fall asleep or just peer pressure, but I put a hurt on a burrito that just wasn’t right.

It was a big, drippy, meaty, cheesy, sour cream filled Mexican gut bomb with tomato and lettuce being the only real redeeming qualities. It was so good…so help me. I enjoyed every single bite….I figured if I was going down with the ship I might as well enjoy the ride. And enjoy it I did. I rounded out the ordeal with a slice of birthday cake and a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Yup, and my ship just kept on sinking…..

Now honestly I wasn’t drowning my sorrows in the fact that I hadn’t lost any weight for the last two weeks. My thought was that maybe I’ve been too restrictive with the calories and now my body was holding on to everything with both hands.

I thought that maybe if I added a few more daily calories I could snap out of the rut and continue on my merry weight losing way. While I didn’t eat a lot, the things I did eat were way too calorie dense and I’m reasonably sure that I’ve shot myself in the foot for my next trip to the scale….grrr. Sunday was more of the same, but my struggles that day stemmed more from the fact that I had a super tough Narco day.

My meds weren’t working at all and I even dozed off during church. Thank goodness we had some special programming and I didn’t have to be up in the choir section in front of everyone.

I just closed my eyes for a second, laid my head on my husbands shoulder and that was all she wrote. I always have a horrible time eating right when I have a Narco day like that…..I just find myself too tired to care. (hey Jenji-I HAVE actually been delegating, just for the record ;-))

So now I’m back on the horse. I’ve also decided to switch up the workout routine just in case I’m getting too used to treadmilling-they say changing up your workout can break you out of a plateau. This morning I had my first session of Wii boxing……wow is all I can say.

I have no idea how many calories I might have burned, but let me tell you-I was sweating and huffing and jumping around. It was crazy but so much fun! My shoulders and abs and arms are killing me at the moment, but it’s a good sort of pain. I’m hoping I can maybe talk my hubby into trying it with me….seriously, ya’ll need to try it.

I still have about 3-1/2 weeks until the fam gets here for vacation….I’m really hoping I can break this plateau by then! Gah!

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