Birthday Cake Beatdown

By | March 5, 2018

I’m in for a challenge tomorrow. I’m going into it with a positive attitude even though I know my willpower will be tested. When it comes time for the showdown, I hope I’m the one to come out on top.

That’s right…..its that time again-time for another birthday cookout. It’s for the son of some friends and I already know just how much fantastic food will be involved.

The words “taco party” usually bring to my mind images of the perfect taco salad, and it’s already making me hungry! My version of the perfect taco salad starts with a sturdy bed of tortilla chips or crunched up taco shells, followed by a heaping mound of seasoned meat, loads of lettuce, tomato, sour cream and a massive wad of shredded cheese.

Just a mountain of meaty, cheesy, gooey goodness right there in a bowl (better to contain the mound). And let’s not forget the birthday cake in all its sugary goodness. In the past I would have indulged without a moment’s hesitation. Not only would I have indulged, I wouldn’t have even entertained the thought of how many calories it contained or how long I’d have to spend on the treadmill to work them off. Today it’s a whole different ballgame.

Now if I were at my own house, in my own surroundings I think it would be easier. I did pretty well at the last cookout the hubby and I had at our place, after all. The thing that gets me is when I’m out in the wild around friends and surrounded by calorie laden foods that just look and smell so wonderful.

I don’t know why it is, but my guard just drops and before I know it I’ve consumed far too many calories to count. Maybe it’s the element of seeing everyone around me indulging and wanting to be part of the goings on. Maybe it’s the comments saying, “one isn’t going to kill ya”, or not wanting anyone to bring attention to the fact that I’m not eating and pushing me to.

Whatever it is I need to be vigilant tomorrow.

I’ve done well all week. I’ve worked out hard and kept my calories down. I’m saving my weekly weigh in for tomorrow morning. That way if I lose weight, I’ll be loathe to mess it up by filling up with junk, and if I don’t lose weight I’ll know I need to work extra hard to move the scale. Either way it’s a win/win situation from a motivational standpoint (uh, well, kind of.).

The friends having this shindig tomorrow can cook too-Lord help me! It wouldn’t be so hard if they didn’t make such awesome fare. Okay I need to come up with a plan of attack before tomorrow. Maybe a bottle of Listerine in my purse? I don’t know about you but I just have no interest in eating after rinsing with that stuff! It might help stave off a moment of weakness.

I know I’ve mentioned as one of the tools that has really helped me with the weight loss. Here’s another site to check out- . It’s about a guy who has lost 144 lbs in the last year by watching calories and getting some exercise. No extreme diets or procedures or anything. It’s really interesting and takes you from his Day 1 up through today.

I’m going to stay strong tomorrow. I’m not going to binge on sugar because I’m sleepy and my stimulants aren’t working. I’m going to consider how long I’ll have to rot on the treadmill before I indulge. 4 weeks and counting until vacation…..just 4 weeks!!!!!

Wish me luck…I’m going to need it.

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